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Heavy regression! Nike Air Foamposite One "Metallic Red" will soon be on the shelves! 2017-05-13 00:46:33 in the birth of 20th anniversary, Nike has brought back to us many times have attracted countless Nike Air Foamposite One classic color matching. These still seem to be in the future, the sense of "space shoes" coming back again, so that a number of new and old shoe fans shouted. Nike Air Foamposite One "Metallic Red", which is known as "red spray", will be on sale in May 19th. The interested friends may continue to pay close attention to our reports. Air Jordan 11 Low "Speckle" physical exposure 2014-05-06 22:47:04 from next month's sale of Air Jordan 11 Low " Concord" start, Jordan Brand will bring us a variety of new color matching in this summer; Air Jordan 11 Low. The exposure of this Air Jordan 11 Low "Speckle", we have also been exposed before, but from this kind of picture, the shoe color is similar to the weekend of Air Jordan 2 "Infrared 23". This "Speckle" color matching is tentatively scheduled for sale in June 14th.A BATHING APE x UNDEFEATED in 2017 brought by the series, continue to BAPE signature, Print tee shark zip up ape open reminder, into a new blueprint for military camouflage design Multicam camouflage, as well as the UNDEFEATED five bar classic Logo, assembled two brand essence, also inherited the hot season military elements, don't bring with high note series. The combined ride will start shop in UNDEFEATED on April 14th and will be available later at the global BAPE, STORE:registered:, UNDEFEATED stores and online stores. UNDEFEATED POP UP STORE APP download [get], WeChat public number: [get movement tide], scan code with you into the forefront of Sneaker, fashion, more free shoes, true and false identification services, you experience! as long as P.J. Tucker appear in this list, will not give up the throne this week, he once again won the list first, respectively, on foot Air Jordan 12 Retro " OVO, " Air Jordan Retro " Varsity Red, 13; " Air Jordan Retro & quot, 14; Ferrari, " Nike Kobe A.D., in addition to curry, James, Erwin and other players selected, let's take a look at. 10., Stephen, Curry - Under, Armour, Curry, 3, Black/Y Cheap jordans online air jordan 11 blackout for sale ellow, Under, Armour, Curry, 3, ", Dubfetti, ", Under, Armour, Curry,,, ", Opal", 9., Langston, Galloway - Nike, Kobe 5, TB, White/Purple, Nike, PG1, ", Shining" 8. Nick Young - Adidas, Crazylight, Boost, Low, Yellow/White, UNDRCRWN, x, Adidas, TS,, Creator, Low 7., Kyrie, Irving - Nike, Kyrie 3, Grey/Yellow, PE, Nike, Kyrie, 3, ", HWC", PE,, Nike, Kyrie, 3, White/Black-Blue, PE 6., Paul, George - Nike, PG1, Black/White, PE, Nike, PG1, Grey/Navy, PE, Nike, PG1, Yellow/White, PE 5., DeMar, DeRozan - Nike Kobe 10, Elite Low " 5 Rings, " Nike Kobe A.D. Black/Red-White PE; Nike Kobe A.D. Red/Grey PE; 4. LeBron James - Nike LeBron 14 Burgundy/Gum 〉Jordan Brand the new year the first works will offer up for us is a AIR JORDAN 4 "ALTERNATE" 89 "shoes with Michael Jordan once PE is inspired by the design of building. White shoes a little red dotted outline details, the whole quite clean. The shoes will officially debut in January 2, 2016, interested friends may pay more attention to. AIR JORDAN 4 "ALTERNATE" 89 "color: White/Black-Gym Rednumber: 308497-106release date: 2015-01-02hair price: $190Source: ebay 2012-3-20 05:45 upload and download the attachment (55.09 KB) when Air Jordan 2 in AJ ALPHA by the end of 12012, named Jordan to meet you and Classic will be listed, using Air Jordan Alpha 1 type of shoes to create AJ2 elements, Flight Basketball logo tongue, the upper structure is simple collocation from Alpha 1 full palm Zoom comfortable outsole. There will be a variety of color options, so do you think this is reasonable?Layupshot continues to release the Bespoke player version, and now sees the Miller version of the Reggie version of the walker period. The shoe body Pacers classic Jersey colors, yellow / Blue / white collocation, middle and rear section of the shoe body made of laser etched stripes, and the Pacers Jersey exactly the same style, vamp embroidery number 31, initials and other players information. 2013-1-3 08:30 upload and download attachments (130.34 KB) 2013-1-3 08:30 upload download attachment (134.85, KB) 2013-1-3 08:30 upload download attachment (123.11, KB) 2013-1-3 08:30 upload download attachment (71.13, KB) & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; Eve Economic new jordans shoes for sale s pointed out: women dominate 70% of global economies of scale, the next 15 years, women account for more than eighty percent of global consumer purchasing power. Such amazing proportions allow all companies can not be underestimated. & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; to contact the distance and reaction zero seconds, "12:88 Just do it" instantly become the focus of much attention online and offline, it just seems to dilute Nike lost to opponents in the World Cup decadent state. We are used to seeing men of sports marketing model, it really "campaign so that women do go away?" Nike Dance With so many self-made woman elated, opened up a different kind of landscape. & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; SARFT and SAIC jointly below, starting August 1, weight loss breast enhancement and other TV programs advertising suspended. This really makes the world a woman lovingly of his body that measures hand-foot. However, Nike has long prepared a better place for them. & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; open, in pink interface strayed paragraphs satisfying wishful words: "Turn off the computer and go on a one-hour dance lessons, back pack you efficiency becomes faster, and smiling love your body. "...... This is the Nike Women fitness program Nike Goddess of Chinese mainland version:." Love your body "(Love, You Body). The core part of the program is dance master Jamie King and Nike together to create NRSW courses. Release This dynamic fashion fitness dance aimed at targeting 22-28 year old urban women to participate in and drive sales female fitness products. & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; compiled a dance, teach you to dance, make you inspired to get rid of fat, the opportunity to sell shoes and clothing dance equipment. A woman can be so earn money. & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; profile: full of male hormones & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; most of the history of Nike, not to treat the women as men, that is, we do not consider them. Female sports market even men's marketing strategy also copy, even Nike shoes model used simply smaller than men 1st. In Jordan, Tiger Woods so great male athlete Liu Xiang, this glorious, Nike dominated the world sports market for many years. The company, however, one full of male hormones, and ha jordan shoes online sale ve a lot of male sports fantasy force is difficult to be loved by female consumers. Do not forget Nike Nike is a woman - the goddess of victory in Greek mythology named. & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; at Nike's annual sales of $ 13.7 billion in sales of women's and women account for only 20%. It seems no foot Nike commit suicide. Reebok and Adidas competitors but was able to take advantage of Stalin to seize the initiative. Undoubtedly the most pick Adidas Women Fitness Clothing Women Sleek series, won the women favorite. & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; With the increase in the number of women participating in the exercise, together with the movement of fashion and sportswear fashion trends show that brings together elements such as fashion and sexy women's sports apparel market prospect is broad It is good. According to Sporting Goods Manufacturers Association of Sporting Goods Manufacturers Association data, from 2000 to 2004, women's sports apparel sales grew 39%, to $ 17.4 billion; the same period, sales of men's sports apparel decreased by 11% to $ 13.4 billion. & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; results of 2005 a project called "Chinese women's quality of life survey" shows that the overall health of women a stronger sense, 80.6% of women will from time to time to exercise. On the consumption side, fitness behind clothing, communications and tourism, the fourth column of the female consumer spending. Sports consumption reflect the "women's power" is an indisputable fact. & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; Nike beats, after all, and soon the smell of this point, and quietly make adjustments. & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; Empathy: Iraqis dance dancing & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; too concerned and dedicated sports tradition, innovation is likely to cause timid when out Nike suddenly expected operating capacity edge products are amazing. Because most consumers and retailers agree that Nike is embodied hero and sports. Indeed, in addition to sports other Nike previously dismissive, and now Nike now determined to expand on the "movement" of interpretation. Integration of sports, fashion and entertainment from a number of non-pure fitness dance sports emerged as Nike developed female fitness market fulcrum, indeed the most diffic air jordan 11 space jam for sale ult to break through the two Nike breakthrough: sports and men. Because a few years ago whether we dance movement also debated. & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; The next step is to explore women dance in the end what kind of equipment, which determines the Nikewomen future design direction. The study found that for the vast majority of women, high performance is not necessarily sports-related, but with the comfort related. Many women are hoping the same as men, outside the gym wearing sportswear. & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; In addition, it found that Nike and the line must be adequate to weaken rough sporty and fashion go hand in hand. This performance is even worse in women. Core consumer Nike fitness dance apparel is 22-28 year-old women, they do not want to sacrifice fashion for motor function, they want both. And those who like to buy products harmonious colors. & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; for a variety of reasons, Nike launched its latest fitness dance series in the tank tops, low-waist slacks, sexy short shirt, whether in the gym or at Nightclubs are suitable for wearing. Trousers and vest can be long or short, customers are free to mix different styles colors of tops, bottoms, shoes and other equipment such as backpacks, wear clothing style. Followed international dance master jump Rockstar Workout of course, have a good outfit. Nike women's fitness apparel is tailored to this dance. & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; from the earliest Bodyarts, Nike will be the local strength training, yoga, Latin dance aerobics and other sports in which melting, and proposed a "charm 3S" concept (Spiritual, Stylish and sexy), it is the new definition of the twenty-first century femininity. Spiritual refers to have optimistic, confident, positive and perseverance, Stylish refers to a unique taste and style, have their own beliefs, but sexy is not just sexy, but also a sexy look and gesture. Bodyarts become a fashion line cities in white-collar women. & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; later the Nike Rockstar Workout start another boom during the global promotion. Cooperation by the renowned choreographer Jamie King, director of fitness and dance Nike created, containing the latest Hip Hop movement and the latest wave of urban rhyth Cheap foamposites for sale m, let the dancers dance in a one-hour course in the body energy to get exercise. & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; recently, Jamie King and Nike together again to create a new Nike Rockstar Workout Bollywood courses. The innovation lies in Hip Hop, Funk, R & amp; B joined the mysterious and elegant style of Indian dance. In Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenyang, Dalian and other cities in the body times the force, force the United States and other fitness and health center, you can find Nike dance classes. & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; closer to Dance, and Music in tune. Nike on female fitness products in the "outrageous" performance beyond conventional boundaries of sport, its power comes from the great temptation of the market. & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; taking advantage of: weight loss ulterior motive & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; Although counterfeit slimming products list becomes longer, but the heat is still slimming market unabated. "Good figure, thrown out." This year's "hot" in the rejection of fat woman to lose weight once again ignited the hope of the world. Recently CASE and experts warn: there is no scientific basis for the rejection of fat to lose weight, but also can damage bone nerve. Secretary-General of the World Natural Medicine Global Fund to Fight Obesity Huang informed the Commission will reluctantly said: "Almost all dieters wasting money, weight loss market is a market failure." However, up to 30 billion yuan per year, and the weight loss products on the market with a rate of 5% -10% of how to prevent businesses salivate? "Obesity is essentially a lifestyle disease," Dean China Working Group Leader obesity prevention before the Chinese Academy of Professor Chen Chunming speaks a word. Consumers need to return to a rational opinion on the one hand, on the other hand requires a consumer more receptive to healthy weight loss methods. & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; in any case, Nike certainly take on this group of global slimming Shuttle, besides Nike "Fate Cao in my" brand connotation and promote positive sportsmanship, and Science Diet the concept is very similar. And Nike's genius is that it in any way deliberately vague propaganda avoid "diet" is, even some of the adjective, such as weight cheap air jordans loss, body sculpting, lowering the words have never touched. Perhaps because of the weight loss market too freely, fearing damage to their health motion image. & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; can we still see the weight loss associated with content on nikewomen Chinese website. There is a "dance consume heat meter" clearly above listed several dance weight loss information, "30 minutes of hip-hop can burn 235 kilocalories; 30 minutes can burn 210 Latin dance kilocalories" and so on. & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; on the "Beauty Forum" more audible to the voices of many women, their most talked about topic of course is to lose weight. For example, there are users saying "When I saw so many lose weight PP, do not believe that diet pills and weight equipment ......", someone responds: "Aerobic exercise is a healthy way to lose weight, but I generally difficult to stick to ......." Here it seems to have become the battlefield of their vocal opposition and sub-Gan co bitter camp. & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; low-key: to be warm Tibetan grow & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; over the past thirty years, Nike masculine like a main theme has not changed from the beginning . But this hero worship style of advertising is difficult to attract female consumers. Nike thinking without affecting the brand image of the main premise of how to better communicate with women. Stronger might hurt Nike masculinity, weak it is difficult to arouse female attention. The study found that most women do not have a keen interest in sports stars Reviewed contrary, they pay more attention to the emotional exchanges between. & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; the market's next fight than men, the women's market is more like a cold war. Next is a series of anti-normal changes. Such as hiring outside the sports sector R & amp; B singer Rihanna (Rihanna) starring fitness dance series DVD, and play Hiring dancers Jamie King as the new spokesperson. Nike Rockstar Workout fitness dance in Hong Kong, Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou and other cities to become the choice for white-collar women, largely because of factors choreographer Jamie King. The "Europe's most innovative," the dance design director, is the 68th Academy Awards live dance choreographer. Madonna recently in 2006 "Confessions" world tour as a choreographer, beginning the same year for her song "Sorry" shoot MV. & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; in the choice of communication channels based on the use of the mass media hype Nike little more optimistic about the relatively low-key but more targeted Event, and rely on electronic channels to recruit more Women. For example, each year thousands of people dance, "Dance Party", the transformation of different topics, from the "do sports, do it yourself", "the woman insisted more," "I omnipotent, omnipresent charm", "I move my charm" "Movement Let me Shining", "5678, and indulge in rhythm" and, most recently, "Hot Dance Party" Online enrollment nearly three thousand people. & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; The Internet is a young woman of the world, the network can go deep into the psychological self-conscious women. Nike various areas of the site have a women's channel, and set up an independent website. Online we see the same theme "Just do it" and different expressions: Praise ordinary real woman, to "dialogue" between the woman and the woman as the primary means of communication. On this point Taiwan, Japan and other Asia-Pacific region is particularly prominent sites. For example, in istories channel, you will find that you are not alone, no matter in Taipei, Shanghai or Kyoto, have a group of energetic women, being in the classroom will also enjoy dance, yoga or meditation classes. It can also be seen from morning to night and story fragments of their lives. In these extraordinary figure, you will find Yang Yang and Maria Sharapova faces, but they are not at the podium and the sports arena, but as with your ordinary life. & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; of course, on the site you will easily tap the Nike dance courses video, from warm-up, footwork, exploded into action with a combination of action and fancy, as you repeatedly Play. Also watch the top dance masters performances. & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; Obviously, less indoctrination rhetoric, have become more scenes exchanges and considerate. & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; In order to completely change the way women communicate, Nike Goddess (goddess Nike stores) began as the emergence of the concept of women's cosmetics store. As before exudes rough, cold, masculine image of Niketown (Nike Sports City) compared to, Nike Goddess is they will feel comfortable shopping, like a kind of family feeling, decorated using warm colors of wood floors, blue Tile, plus white doll model physique. Here is the home furnishings like furniture, rather than rigid display rack. In order to come into contact with women, Nike moved even a small amount of shelf next to the place of women's underwear. & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; Eve Economics pointed out: women dominate 70% of global economies of scale, the next 15 years, women account for more than eighty percent of global consumer purchasing power. Such amazing proportions allow all companies can not be underestimated. Today most sensible how companies find enormous influence female consumers, and use it to get breakthrough results, with "love" instead of "cheating." & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; Nike: "Love your body." a new generation of Adidas crazy ghost outline retain a sense of speed, did not use the generation of quick zone outside the bottom, at the same time, the adidas three line placed at the side of, and in shoes behind section of the SprintWeb construction shoe body strength and permeability, and before a have a different feeling. And a few days ago Faried Kenneth to participate in the world cup competition is also wearing a Crazy Ghost Adidas 2014 (the official name is not sure), whether for the Ghost Crazy series shoes also make people quite curious. source: kenluAdidas Crazy 2 "white green" color release 2014-09-30 11:10:48 as one of Adidas's classic shoes, Adidas EQT KB8 II (renamed Adidas Crazy 2) has been introduced several colors this year, all have been "old" sneaker's favorite, and recently Adidas brought us an old friend again. This release is "white green" color, black and white color of the upper, green as a decoration, and the bottom also let green play a leading role, it is reported that this shoe has been sold in some stores, sold for $125. adidas Originals Superstar will be airborne Yangcheng open shine grand ceremony 2015-08-07 13:54:34In August 13th 2015, a "Superstar" ultimate party, which gathered countless fashion trends, will land in Guangzhou Taigu warehouse! Adidas Originals will join hands with VJ Mian, drawing men, Li Tianlun three art pioneer airborne Guangzhou, open the sparkling global Carnival ceremony. Everyone will be in their own unique way to interpret the original spirit: "Original Superstar" Declaration was shouting, VJ Mian will create the scene full of light and music "dream", drawing men and Li Tianlun with the creation of a powerful and unconstrained style to deter your eye, collision passion this night will witness the art, music, fashion. Don't listen to the outside voice, no longer care about other people's evaluation, this is your own night, this is all the "Superstar" gathering moment, this is the peak of the original energy explosion table night. Adidas Originals recently launched a new 2012 autumn and winter AO Hook shoes, this shoe can be called "set one hundred," one long. Its overall shoe model uses the classic KAJ MID, the material on the choice of washing water, do the old suede suede material, integrated with SUPERSKATE elements, which give basketball shoes smell strong KAJ MID, strong street style. But in the end is using a Kuraishi favourite CAMPUS 80S sole, make whole shoe all-match more slender, white shoes inside zipper design is more increase in details. At the same time convenient for wearing. The color matching is a consistent clover low-key, solid color style, equipped with forest green and wine red double color options. The design of the upper hand is more suitable for autumn and winter wear. 2012-11-10 08:31 upload and download attachments (166.48 KB) 2012-11-10 08:31 upload download attachment (171.83, KB) 2012-11-10 08:31 upload download attachment (148.25, KB) 2012-11-10 08:31 upload download attachment (138.18, KB) because of the "old fish" Fisher wearing, let Nike Air Max Tempo in the minds of shoes fans quite famous, as early as the end of last year, launched a new two paragraph engraved color. shoes are presented in a dark blue color with black bottoms and white bottoms. or look at the shoes of the physical map, enjoy it. Nike Air Max Uptempo color: dark blue / White / black number: 311090-400